CUGH 2017 Satellite Session - The Global Surgical Ecosystem: Strengthening Healthcare Worldwide  April 6, 2017 

The satellite session will bring together leading experts to discuss and explore the fundamentals common to surgical and anesthesia care worldwide, highlighting gaps and opportunities for strengthening health everywhere, especially in LMICs.  The themes will include Defining the Problem, Exploring Solutions, Measuring Impact, and Partnerships for Education.  The focus will be sustainable, safe surgical ecosystems.

The Global Surgery Satellite Session takes place on the site of, and one day prior to:

The 2017 CUGH Conference | Healthy People, Healthy Ecosystems: Implementation, Leadership and Sustainability in Global Health

CUGH's 8th Annual Global Health Conference, Washington, DC, April 2017, has become the world's leading academic global health conference. The meeting brings together committed leaders, professionals, educators, students from diverse fields of study including engineering, business, law, policy, natural sciences, nursing, public health, medicine, and environmental studies to explore, discuss and critically assess the global health landscape.  

Learn more about the conference at: