SummerArts Piano
Competition 2019

The University of Utah SummerArts Piano Festival will be held at Gardner Hall on the University of Utah campus August 8 & 10, 2019.

Thursday: Performance Competition, Evaluations and Young Artist Skills

Saturday: Awards ceremony at 7:00 PM in Libby Gardner Hall (cash and performance awards will be forfeited if not in attendance)

SummerArts Application - Due July 20, 2019*

*Application fee for late entries (after July 20) will be an additional $25 accepted on a space available basis. Please add the late application fee to your order before you check out.

Eligibility: Competitors must be Utah residents or currently attending Utah schools. Teachers of participating students will be required to help during the competition. Contestants may only enter one level per year. Competitors may not play with a SummerArts orchestra in two consecutive years. Competitors in the Young Artist Division must be full time, currently enrolled University of Utah piano performance majors (Fall 2019). Young Artists must be enrolled full-time in the semester of performance awards. Young Artist competitors must have a current University of Utah GPA of 3.0 or higher.

Competition Rules

Age is determined as of August 8, 2019.

Concerto performances in the competition will be without accompaniment. For the orchestra performance, pre-college students will be limited to 15 minutes. If the concerto is longer than the allotted time, the teacher with the assistance of the conductor will prepare a cut. Each soloist will be given 10 complimentary tickets for the performance.

Contestants must prepare their entire selections for the competition without cuts. Judges will hear the entire concerto movement.

*Contestants wishing to perform a concerto that is not part of the University of Utah School of Music holdings will be responsible for the cost of rental/purchasing the music. For a complete listing visit

All competition pieces must be played from memory.

The order of performance will be by random drawing. Contestants must compete in the designated order of performance or be disqualified. Contestants must report to monitor's table 20 minutes prior to scheduled time. An original, unmarked copy of the music to be performed must be given to the monitor at this time.

Competition times will be posted after August 1, 2019 at


(In case of a tie, prizes will be shared. *All prizes subject to fundraising)

Young Elementary Division: Ages 10 and under

  • Solo Competition: $100, $75, $50
  • Concerto Competition (entire movement required)**

Elementary Division: Ages 11-13

  • Solo Competition: $125, $100, $75
  • Concerto Competition (entire movement required)**

Junior Division: Ages 14-16

  • Solo Prizes: $150, $125, $100
  • Concerto Competition (entire movement required)**

Senior Division: Ages 17-18

  • Solo Prizes: $175, $150, $125
  • Concerto Competition (entire movement required)**

Young Artists Division*: College Students
*Young Artist competitors must be enrolled full-time Fall 2019 as Piano Performance Major at the University of Utah to be eligible to compete.

  • Solo Prizes Graduate: $500, $450, $400, $350
  • Solo Prizes Undergraduate: $500, $450, $400, $350
  • Concerto Competition (entire movement required)**
  • Arne Oldberg Scholarship (Young Artist only): Scholarship Prize
  • Collaborative Piano (Young Artist only): Scholarship Prize
  • Teaching Award (Young Artist only): Scholarship Prize

** Concerto Awards: Performance with the Salt Lake Symphony or the American West Symphony or the SummerArts Orchestra. Open ONLY to competitors who participated in 2019 Monster Concert and register for the concerto competition by April 29, 2019.

Gift Certificates: Gift certificates may be given for an outstanding performance of a work from each of the following periods: Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Impressionist, and Twentieth Century.


Refund Policy: The fees are non-refundable.