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2016-2017 ASUU Attorney General Elections Deposit
Price: $50.00

Refundable deposit for Attorney General candidates.  Legislative candidates need to choose the Legislative Deposit option.

2017 Women's Leadership Summit
Price: $5.00

HER: Story |Movement |Life

Women’s lives consist of choices, desires, decisions, needs, relationships, sacrifices, goals and attainment of those goals. Women's lives are lived in the context of the times and the generations and are influenced by the social happenings and political climate.

Women’s lives are complex in our relationship with ourselves as well as our inclusion of others, family, children or community. We have dreams that drive us, and work and love that grounds us.

In short, women move in the moment and in movements of history throughout our lives.

Where are you in your life movement? How is your story shaped by the bigger movements in our time and culture? What are the choices, and desires and imaginative risks you have taken or sacrifices you have made to create the life you want?

What have you composed and completed in the past? What movement are you composing in your life now?

What’s your story?

For group sales and departments who wish to sponsor students, please email: leadership@utah.edu


2016-2017 ASUU Legislative Elections Deposit
Price: $25.00

Refundable deposit for Legislative candidates.  Attorney General candidates need to choose the Attorney General Deposit option.