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Ballet Major Audition Fee

Price: $60.00

A $50.00  non-refundable application fee to the U of U School of Dance - Ballet is required for application processing. When you receive this receipt you are confirmed for the audition indicated. PLUS $10 late registration fee ( less than 1-week to audition.)

Further audition information will be emailed to you about 1-week prior to the audition.

For on-campus auditions in the fall and winter there is an optional tour on the Friday before the audition starting at 9:00 am, meet in the Marriott Center for Dance lobby. Contact University Admissions http://admissions.utah.edu/visit/ to schedule an afternoon campus tour while you are here. Campus tours fill quickly so book early.

Do not plan to be at the airport before 5:00 PM on the day of the audition if you are booking flights.