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Tied Up in Knots! Simplifying Suturing in Dentistry

Price: 60.00

Tied Up in Knots! Simplifying Suturing in Dentistry

Thursday, January 14, 2025


Location: The University of Utah, School of Dentistry, 530 S. Wakara Way, Salt Lake City, Utah, 84108

Dinner: 6:30 pm to 7:00 pm   Presentation: 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm


CDE Hours Awarded:                                 Conflicts of Interest:

2 CDE Lecture hours                                   No Conflicts

Education Methods: Live Lecture               Required Experience:                    

AGD subject codes:  490                            Dental Practice Experience                                     

External Funding:



Course Description:

This will be a combination lecture and hands-on course reviewing materials and concepts in dental suturing. Come prepared to get your fingers flying as you master suturing techniques.


Course Objectives:

  • Learn about different suturing materials and instruments.
  • Learn suturing techniques and when to use them.
  • Practice each technique hands-on. 

Guest Speaker:

Dan Thunell, DMD

Dr. Dan Thunell received his dental degree from the University of Pittsburgh's School of Dental Medicine. He completed a three-year periodontal residency at the University of Iowa, College of Dentistry, where he received his certificate in Periodontics.  Dr. Thunell specializes in treating and maintaining the tissue and bone around teeth, as well as the placement and surgical treatment of dental implants.  He practices in Holladay, UT, and teaches part-time at the University of Utah, School of Dental Medicine, and the University of Utah GPR program. Dr. Thunell resides in Salt Lake City with his wife and six children.  When he is not with his patients or family, Dr. Thunell likes to be outdoors on a bike, exploring new roads.