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Business - March 30th, 2017

Price: $50.00


Cynthia Mattson - "The Game of Dentistry: The Seventh Inning Stretch" (7 pm - 8 pm)

You have an established practice that is surviving in an industry ever shifting to corporate dentistry. You are comfortable with the ordinary routinestandard procedures, general practice management. What are you doing to prepare for the next inning for your practice, whether building a new office, bringing on an associate, or selling? How do you improve your game to compete with the corporate practices? You will receive practical advice on not only keeping a practice viable, but winning the game of dentistry. The course will cover what statistics you should be keeping to benchmark, how to brand your organization, maximizing efficiency by streamlining overhead and setting appropriate fees. You will be coached to use this comfortable time in your dental practice as a warm-up for things to come.


Steven J. Anderson - "Why Dentists Fail!" (8 pm - 9 pm)

It’s no secret that the success of a practice starts at the top. As the leader goes, so goes the practice. In this information-packed session, discover the biggest mistakes dentists make in leading a practice and the solutions that will take any practice to new levels of performance.