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CE for Your Restorative Patients - November 17, 2017

Price: $50.00

What do bond strengths really mean? Research reports constantly use MPa to describe bond strengths of adhesives.  However, in most cases, doctors don’t have a clear understanding, in terms they understand, of how strong adhesives actually are.  Learn what bond strengths mean first hand. What is the inherent strength of dentin? Here you will find an appreciation of how strong the human tooth actually is.  Learn reasons to be minimally invasive. Where has research gone wrong? For many years research showed bond values of 10-30 MPa.  Learn how it is possible to achieve bonds of 2-3 times this level. What should our goal be? With appropriate adhesives and techniques we can restore teeth at levels near their original strength. Techniques for success. Each adhesive is slightly different in chemistry and delivery, therefore it is important that we share specific techniques to allow more broad success with the numerous products on the market.