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Celebrate Innovation and Artistry at DesignBuildUTAH's 20th Anniversary!

Dates: March 22, 2024, to April 3, 2024

An invitation to Bluff, Utah for a transformative two-week long celebration combining the realms of architecture and artistry in recognition of DesignBuildUTAH’s 20 years of innovation. Envisioned to transcend a regular commemorative event, this gathering is brimming with an array of special programs amidst the magnificent canvas of Utah’s natural beauty.

Outdoor Sculpture Projects: Engage in a collaborative and hands-on experience creating outdoor sculptures alongside our expert instructors and enthusiastic attendees. But it’s not all about construction; the event is a cornucopia of entertainment, learning, and cultural exchange awaiting your curiosity and participation.

Workshops and Demonstrations: Delve into the world of music and food through our workshops, enrich your mind with thought-provoking discussions, and be amazed by demonstrations of Japan’s expert craftsmen and their masterful techniques. A nurturing space where your creativity is not just ignited but encouraged to reach new creative horizons.

Community and International Talents: We’re uniting the local Bluff and Navajo Nation communities, DesignBuildUTAH program alums, and internationally acclaimed professionals from Japan. This convergence offers a unique blend of perspectives and experiences, as individuals from various walks of life come together to inspire and learn from each other’s talents and creativity.

Be Part of Our Story: This special event is an open call to partake in meaningful activities, forge new connections, and craft unforgettable memories. As we celebrate DesignBuildUTAH’s 20th anniversary, we are not only honoring the past but paving the way for the future of collaborative design and community-building.

Don’t let this incredible opportunity pass you by. Join us in creating an extraordinary chapter in the story of design and unity that you will hold dear for years to come!

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