Investment Banking Interview Prep Course

7,548 questions across 469 investment banks. Crowdsourced from over 500,000 members. And trusted by 20,000 aspiring investment bankers The WSO Investment


Banking Interview Prep Course has everything needed to start a career on Wall Street.


 T H I S CO U R S E  I N C LU D E S :

  • 203+ Technical Questions From The Top 30 Banks, With Variations, Explanations And Answers.
  • 10+ Hours Of Videos, Including Mock Interviews, Sample Questions And Deal Walkthroughs.
  • 184 Flash Cards, To Test And Verify Knowledge Before Walking Into The Interview Room.
  • 100+ Of The Most Common Behavior & Fit Questions From Actual Interviews In The Top 30 Banks, Including Explanations & Sample Answers.
  • 14 Templates For Linkedin, Email And Cold-Calling
  • 3 Polished Wso Resume Templates, Pulled Straight From Our Famous Resume Review Service. Each Template Is Based On Thousands Of Successful Resumes/CV’s.