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Price: $30.00

Summer French Teacher Workshop

Dr. Anne Lair, "Culture: Interdisciplinary Approach and Proficiency in the Classroom,"  August 1-2, 2017

Dr. Thérèse De Raedt, "Francophone Culture and Literature in the Classroom, August 3-4, 2017

Price: $30.00

Summer Spanish Teacher Workshop

Faculty: Dr. Isabel Dulfano (University of Utah); Dr. Diego Baptista (Weber State); and Dr. Maria Luísa Spicer-Escalante (Utah State University)

This workshop focuses on ways that identity is constructed through the rich intertwining of languages and cultures across the Spanish-speaking world. This course is open to Spanish instructors of all language levels, while content aligns to the 2017-18 Bridge Course units of study. Participants will read, analyze, and discuss various texts, film and artistic expression from cultures around the Spanish-speaking world, and discuss ways to help students access and analyze the ideas presented through these sources. It also explores ways to connect your students to cultural and community projects.