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Fast Forward: Bookbinding Basics

Price: $100.00

Fast Forward: Bookbinding Basics

Instructor: Karen Hanmer


June 24 & 25
Wednesday & Thursday, 10:00 am5:00 pm
Book Arts Studio, J. Willard Marriott Library, Level 4


*$200 (half of this amount is due upon registration)


A handsome, functional book is built on a solid foundation of traditional forwarding skills. In this two-day workshop, participants learn or reinforce these skills by going through all the steps of crafting a traditional binding prior to covering. Participants fold, mark up, and punch signatures; select and attach endsheets; sew on a simple, homemade sewing frame; glue up and round the spine; lightly back the text block; sew endbands; line the spine; and anchor the text block into a folded, paper case. Instruction covers choosing appropriate materials for support and unencumbered opening. All skill levels are welcome.


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