OIS 6611 @Risk License Purchase 2018

In order to do the homework, quiz and exam problems on simulation, you will need to use an add-in to Excel called @Risk.  To gain access to the software, you need to buy a one-year license to the software.  Unfortunately the makers of the software do not provide a way for students to buy the license directly from them, so you need to purchase them through the Operations and Information Systems Department.  The cost of the license is $28 and you can pay here.


Once you have paid for the license, you will receive an email from Dr. Wardell with instructions on how to download and access @Risk.


Please note that the @Risk software is not available for Mac operating systems.  I am sorry about that, but hope that it won’t pose too much of a problem.  I assume that most of you can access a Windows environment in some way, but if that is not the case, please contact Dr. Wardell at don.wardell@eccles.utah.edu.