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Welcome to the Orientation Reservation System!

With the Orientation reservation system, you will be able to sign up for an Orientation at the University of Utah. Orientations are required for every student that is beginning at the U, whether a first-year student or a transfer student.

Signing up for an Orientation is easy! Simply specify what semester you are beginning at the U by selecting that semester from the categories to the left.  A list of Orientations will appear that fall under that category. Select which Orientation you are interested in by clicking on the title of the Orientation program.

Once you have found the Orientation that you want to sign up for, complete the required student information and click "Add to Cart". When you have finished selecting your Orientation, click the "Checkout" button and fill in the required billing information.

On your first semester tuition bill, you will be charged a Matriculation Fee.  This fee pays for many services you will receive while at the University of Utah.  A portion of this fee will be used to pay for Orientation. Therefore, many Orientations will cost you 0 additional dollars when you sign-up using this system.  A few orientations, such as Overnight, Outdoor, and Parent Orientations are not wholly paid for by the Matriculation Fee; hence, you will be charged an additional fee when checking out today.

Not sure which Orientation you should sign up for?  Call the Orientation Office at (801) 581-7069 to get further information on which Orientation is right for you.