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Comfort and Coping Skills

Price: $20.00

Cost of registration includes mom and support person.

Requirement for taking this class: A previous birth or completed childbirth class. 

This class is designed to help you and your support person practice and enhance the skills used for coping throughout labor and birth.  The two hour class will cover techniques (massage, counter pressure, positions, breath, etc.) taught in the birth classes and offer additional tools to use.  Class may be taken as many times as you feel it would benefit you and your support person.  This is a supplemental class and cannot be taken in place of a childbirth class.  This class does NOT include a hospital tour.


If you are a University of Utah or University of Utah Health Care employee please enter your UID and department to receive promo code at checkout. Both UID and promo code must be entered to receive discount.

Please note:  Instructor will meet the class in the hospital lobby at Starbucks and will walk together to the classroom.