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UUAP 099: Miscellaneous Collected Papers, 19-24

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Paper, 176 pp.
Originally published in 1978


by C. Melvin Aikens 

This volume comprises 6 miscellaneous papers: No. 19Indian Petroglyphs from White Pine County, Nevada by C. Melvin Aikens; No. 20The Palmer Collection from Southwestern Utah, 1875 by Don D. Fowler and John F. Matley; No. 21The Woodruff Bison Kill by Wayne F. Shields; No. 22The Bear River No. 3 Site by Wayne F. Shields and Gardiner F. Dalley; No. 23Prehistoric Diet at Danger Cave, Utah, as Determined by the Analysis of Coprolites by Gary F. Fry; and No. 24Tree-ring Dating in Archeology by Jeffrey S. Dean.

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