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The University of Utah Press

UUAP 015: A Study in Culture Contact and Culture Change: The Whiterock Utes in Transition
Price: $17.00

A historical and analytical study of the Whiterock Utes with an emphasis on the influence and interaction of the socio-economic structure.

UUAP 016: The Garrison Site
Price: $17.00

A report on the 1952 excavation of the prehistoric Garrison site, located in the Snake Valley region of western Utah.

UUAP 017: Notes on the Utah Utes by Edward Palmer, 1866-77
Price: $7.00

Notes taken by Dr. Edward Palmer between 1866-1877 on the ethnology of the Utah Utes and reproduced in full.

UUAP 018: Pine Park Shelter, Washington County, Utah
Price: $17.00

The report on an archaeological excavation undertaken at Pine Park Shelter located in the Beaver Dam Mountains in southwestern Utah. Excavation was completed in 1950 and included both prehistoric and Southern Paiute materials.

UUAP 019: Human Skeletal Material from Deadman Cave, Utah
Price: $7.00

The description and classification of prehistoric human skeletal material found during the 1938-1941 excavation of Deadman Cave, near the southern shore of the Great Salt Lake.

UUAP 020: Archeological Excavations in Beef Basin, Utah
Price: $17.00

A report on the salvage survey and testing of nine archaeological sites during the years 1952-1953, located in Beef Basin, southeastern Utah.