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The University of Utah Press

UUAP 021: Archeological Investigations in Nine Mile Canyon, Utah: A Re-publication
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Archaeological investigations in Nine Mile Canyon, central Utah, were undertaken during 1936 and are reported herein. These include both a survey of the area and the excavation of three prehistoric sites in the middle and upper portions of the canyon.

UUAP 022: Archaeology of Zion Park
Price: $22.00

A description of twelve archaeological sites located during the 1933-34 surveys of Zion National Park, primarily in Parunuweap Canyon, and subsequently tested or fully excavated.

UUAP 023: Ute Rorschach Performance and Some Notes on Field Problems and Methods
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Projective psychological (Rorschach) tests were used on the Whiterocks Utes to gain insight into personality characteristics, personality age structures, similarities to age appropriate standard samples and personality changes with age.

UUAP 024: Early Man in the Columbia Intermontane Province
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A review of the archaeological problems relating to the occurrence of Early Man in the Columbia Intermontane province, with particular emphasis on the Columbia Basin. Problems relate to areal and cultural relationships, dating and the establishment of a temporal framework.

UUAP 025: Archeological Excavations in Iron County, Utah
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This report presents the results of archaeological fieldwork in Iron County, southwestern Utah, during 1954. Two related projects are also reported: 1) excavation of two mounds at Paragonah; and 2) a petroglyph survey to record rock art throughout the district.

UUAP 026: Papers of the Third Great Basin Archeological Conference
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Papers of the Third Great Basin Archeological Conference (UUAP #26) by Faye-Cooper Cole