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The University of Utah Press

UUAP 027: Danger Cave
Price: $22.00

The definitive report on the 1949-1953 archaeological excavations at Danger Cave, Juke Box Cave, and Raven Cave, located in western Utah near Wendover.

UUAP 028: An Archeological Survey of the Fremont Area
Price: $17.00

The final report from the Utah Statewide Archeological Survey that covers an area bounded on the north by the Uintah Mountains, on the west by the Wasatch Mountains and Plateau, and on the south by the southern edge of the Dirty Devil drainage. The Colorado River and the Utah-Colorado state line form the eastern boundary.

UUAP 029: Two Fremont Sites and their Position in Southwestern Prehistory
Price: $22.00

This volume covers the 1955 excavations of the Old Woman and Poplar Knob sites located in Sevier County, Utah, in Part I. It summarizes the Fremont, Puebloid, and western Pueblo cultures found in the Northern Periphery area of the Southwest in Part II.

UUAP 030: Glen Canyon Survey in 1957
Price: $17.00

AKA Glen Canyon Series Number 1. This report covers the initial survey of archaeological sites threatened with inundation from the creation of the Glen Canyon reservoir. It covers the area from the Escalante drainage to the Wahweap drainage.

UUAP 031: Preliminary Report on Biological Resources of the Glen Canyon Reservoir
Price: $22.00

AKA Glen Canyon Series Number 2. A concise analysis of the biological investigations of the Glen Canyon region for the purpose of ascertaining what biological resources were available to the ancient people that left the archaeological ruins.

UUAP 032: Mormon Towns in the Region of the Colorado
Price: $17.00

AKA Glen Canyon Series Number 3. The report covers the founding, history and descriptions of six Mormon towns: Boulder, Cannonville, Escalante, Hanksville, Hite, and Lees Ferry, all located in the Glen Canyon region.