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The University of Utah Press

UUAP 033: The Activities of Jacob Hamblin in the Region of the Colorado
Price: $17.00

AKA Glen Canyon Series Number 4. This volume contains the history of Jacob Hamblin, an Indian missionary for the Mormon Church, who was born in 1819 and spent considerable time in the Glen Canyon region.

UUAP 034: Archaeological Notes on Stansbury Island
Price: $17.00

Based on a report completed in 1948, this volume presents descriptions of the prehistoric artifacts and burials found on Stansbury Island during the excavation of two cave sites.

UUAP 035: Excavations in Mancos Canyon, Colorado
Price: $22.00

Salvage excavation of five prehistoric sites was completed in 1942 in Mancos Canyon, Colorado, and reported in this volume. An additional 24 open sites in the canyon were surveyed and pottery collection completed.

UUAP 036: Survey of Vegetation in the Glen Canyon Reservoir Basin
Price: $17.00

AKA Glen Canyon Series Number 5. One of a series of AP reports about the Colorado River centered on the Glen Canyon area and completed as part of the salvage work associated with the dam. The volume describes the vegetation in the reservoir basin.

UUAP 037: An Outline of the History of the Flaming Gorge Area
Price: $17.00

AKA Upper Colorado Series Volume 1. This series is based on work from the archaeological salvage project for the Upper Colorado River Basin and published within the AP series. This report focuses on the area affected by the Flaming Gorge dam.

UUAP 038: The Havasupai Woman
Price: $17.00

An ethnographic report on the life cycle of the Havasupai woman based on five months of field research by Carma Lee Smithson during 1950 and 1951.