********** This is in test mode. **********

Our Registration Site has now CHANGED

Click on the the following link to direct you to the correct registration site to register for our Training Courses.
But, before you click on the following link,




RETURNING CUSTOMERS (are customers that have previously taken a training course from our Program).

If that applies to you, PLEASE DO THE FOLLOWING AND DON'T CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT - DON'T click on the SIGN-UP, but rather do the following:

If, you have ever taken a training course from us in the past, you will already have an Account in the new registration system.  You will need to enter the following information on the "RETURNING" side

1.  Email Address (will be what you provided us at the time of your past training)

2.  Password * (this will be a temporary password, the first time you access this new registration site)

*Temporary password will need to be entered as follows:  First Initial of your First and Last Name; followed by your Zip Code (EXAMPLE:  LD84108).

Once, you enter the temporary password, you will be prompted immediately to create your own password.

Keep your password, as from here on out you will access your records with your email and password.

HOWEVER, if you are a NEW Customer, do the following:

If, you have NEVER taken training courses from us, you will need to create an New Account.

You will need to Click on the "NEW" button to sign-up and create your account.

NOTE:  Please complete the registration process.  Once, the payment has been submitted for your course registration, simply log out of your account.  Click on the LOG OFF from "MY Account" page.  DON'T click on the X button at the top of your web-browser.   

Should you encounter any problems accessing our new site, please contact one of the following people on the list below to guide you through the online registration process. 


Shalese Ramirez
Registration Coordinator
Email: Shalese.ramirez@hsc.utah.edu
Phone: 801-581-4055
Fax: 801-585-5275  

Crystal Beall
Outreach Coordinator
Email: Crystal.Beall@hsc.utah.edu
Phone: 801-585-0808
Fax: 801-585-5275

Luz Dominguez
Office Manager
Email: Luz.Dominguez@hsc.utah.edu
Phone: 801-581-7909
Fax: 801-585-5275