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Tanner Dance Program

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This is a series of six year-long workshops that integrate the arts into the academic curriculum.

Each workshop focuses on an art form or integrated arts as they relate to other areas of the curriculum: math, Language arts, science, social studies and life skills. Classes meet the first Tuesday via Zoom and will repeat the second Tuesday of the month in person at a Salt Lake City District School. You do not need to attend both weeks. You can choose to come in person one month and on zoom another month. Whichever week works best for your schedule. After registering you will receive the links and password for the virtual meetings.

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Ballet placement class

May 16th, 2024


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Contemporary Companies Audition: 7th-8th Grade

Tuesday, May 21, 2024 @ 4:00 - 5:30 PM @ Tanner Dance

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Tan or skin color camisole leotard to wear under costumes during performances. The costume shop will order the dancer's cami after they are fitted for their rehearsal blacks in the fall.

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Black sweatshirt with vintage CDT logo in youth sizes

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Black sweatshirt with vintage CDT logo in adult sizes