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An Introduction to Brazil

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An Introduction to Brazil 
April 17, 2021, 9am-12pm

Tiago J. Fernandes Maranhão, Ph.D.
Visiting Professor in History at Tougaloo College (HBCU)
Jackson, MS 

Whether it’s the 2016 Summer Olympics held in Rio de Janeiro, the populist rise of Brazil’s current president, or the fires raging in the Amazon, Brazil is part of our collective psyche.  But how much do we know about the fifth largest country in the world? This introduction to Brazil will explore the colonial period, the imperial period, and contemporary Brazil; with discussions grounded in ethnic diversity, race relations, gender as well as political and economic movements. 

Teachers of World History and Geography will benefit from a focus on this survey course that explores the largest country in Latin America with the world’s 9th largest economy.  Teachers of U.S. History will also benefit from the opportunity to do comparative studies between the United States and Brazil, particularly in regard to histories of slavery, colonization, race relations, and nation building.

Hybrid workshops will be comprised of: 

- pre-workshop reading assignments (approximately 4-6 hours of coursework)

- required feedback posts by participants in shared document (1-3 posts per reading assignment)

- asynchronous lecture by professor (two 1.5 hour lectures posted up to two weeks before class discussion)

- synchronous class discussion (3 hours on a Saturday from 9am-12pm)

- final reflection paper/pedagogical assignment

To register for the 1 U of U course credit, please visit: https://continue.utah.edu/contracts/brazil/1214

*Please note that registration for the course credit is separate from registration to participate in the workshop. It is the responsibility of the participant to confirm course credit and to register in a timely fashion.