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Teaching the U.S. Constitution in Political Charged Times

Price: 50.00

This workshop explores the historical content necessary for understanding the U.S. Constitution in our current moment of tumult and uncertainty. Participants will emerge from the workshop with a deeper understanding of the historic development of modern constitutional thought. The following five topics, which will be covered from a historical and contemporary vantage point, will be addressed in the workshop: 1) sedition and seditious conspiracy; 2) the legal philosophy of “originalism”; 3) federal courts and the politics of “court packing”; 4) the nature and importance of academic freedom and free speech; and 5) the push for a new constitutional convention. Through a mix of lectures, hands-on activities, and time devoted to developing lesson and unit plans, participants will be better prepared to teach U.S. constitutional history in these politically charged times.

Full attendance is MANDATORY. Registration fees are non-refundable, so please do not sign up if you are unsure of your commitment. 

If you wish to take this course for U of U credit, you may sign up here: https://continue.utah.edu/contracts/HUM3/1236