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Let’s Talk Taboo: Dialogue for Tough Topics - July 29-August 2

Price: 50.00

July 29-August 2
Natasha Seegert, Department of Communication

It is hard to engage with the difficult issues that impact our communities and schools. Public discourse about taboo topics has always been a challenge, but with the advent of social media and echo chambers, discourse has become more politically polarized. Frequently, we find ourselves either walking on eggshells around sensitive issues, or entering into high conflict where family members are estranged, co-workers avoid each other, and neighbors are no longer civil. Rather than avoiding tough conversations, this course provides educators with an opportunity to engage with both the theory and the practice of dialogue. This seminar-style class will critically discuss the theory and practice of dialogue, while also providing educators with the opportunity to practice listening, create dialogues for classroom content, and facilitate better conversations with parents, administrators, and co-workers.

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