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Utah Museum of Fine Arts

Purchase a UMFA membership as a gift.

Please noteMemberships purchased between December 22 and January 1 will be processed on or shortly after January 2. If you purchase a membership and are planning on visiting the Museum before your cards arrive, please present your receipt at the Welcome Desk as proof of purchase.

Price: 69.00

Gift of membership for two adults.

Price: 99.00

Membership for 2 adults and free admission for up to two adults or 6 children (aged 18 and under).

Price: 49.00

UMFA Membership for one adult.

Price: 150.00

UMFA Patron Membership includes benefits for two adults or one couple.

Price: 250.00

UMFA Sponsor membership includes two adults or one couple.

Price: 500.00

Enthusiast level membership comes with automatic enrollment in the UMFA Art Lovers membership program. Membership is for two adults or one couple.