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EMS Diagnostic Kit

Price: 25.00

The EMS Diagnostic Kit Contains: a Cardiology Type II stethoscope, Adult Blood-pressure cuff, and Trauma Shears.

The Cardiology Stethoscope II provides for optimal sound transmission along with an anatomically designed headset. Designed to accentuate high frequency sounds, this is a full range cardiology/pulmonary unit.

Blood-Pressure Cuff has premium inflation system for comfort.

The Safety Trauma Shears are perfect for quickly and safely cutting material, ropes and straps. Black handle, 5.5" long shears. These shears have a dull point and a bottom surface that makes them safe against the skin.

The EMS Diagnostic Kit can also be purchased in-person with cash or check by going to the University of Utah Health Promotion and Education Department office found in the Stewart building room 117

To pick up a purchase made online through Umarket - please bring a copy of your receipt to Stewart Buidling room 117.