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Huntsman Mental Health Institute
Huntsman Mental Health Institute
The Huntsman Mental Health Institute will focus on advancing knowledge and relieving suffering through research-informed treatment of mental illness with a strong focus on improving mental health services for college-age adults, increasing access to mental health services in rural communities across Utah and identifying the genetic underpinnings of mental illness.
Huntsman Mental Health Institute COVID-19 Care Fund
If we are to be successful in our fight against COVID-19, we must recognize the related impact on our mental health and respond. Studies show that some of the long term effects many may experience issues similar to post traumatic stress disorder that can last for years. Your support will help provide care and behavioral health services to those seeking treatment now and will advance our knowledge for future treatment.
Child and Teen Mental Health
HMHI provides many different levels of care for children (4-11) and teens (12-17) struggling with anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues. Your donations support outpatient, inpatient, residential treatment, and day treatment programs for youth.
Adult Mental Health
HMHI???s focus is to treat all aspects of the individual to achieve balance in mental health. Specialists treat conditions like depression and anxiety, personality and mood disorders, substance use, inpatient hospital treatment, and outpatient programs. Your support of Adult mental health programs provides a continuum of exceptional patient care.
Suicide Prevention and Crisis Services
HMHI provides specialty programs to prevent mental health crises, support individuals when a crisis occurs, and connect people to ongoing care. Your donations support community crisis response and suicide prevention programs including: the statewide crisis line, SafeUT crisis chat and tip line, Mobile Crisis Response Teams, and the Warm Line.
Mental Health Research
HMHI is a growing leader in mental health research for the detection of risk, early intervention, and improvement in the treatment of psychiatric illnesses. Donations enable the Department of Psychiatry and HMHI to recruit and retain outstanding investigators who foster scientific excellence within the institution. These funds also support innovative research achievements by faculty and students.
Training and Education
HMHI connects the power and the passion of academic medicine with the exploration of science and physician education. We are devoted to caregiver education and training the next generation of exceptional physicians to bring best and brightest clinicians to Utah. Gifts help recruit potential students, and fund residency and fellowship programs.