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College of Humanities
College of Humanities General Development Fund
College of Humanities General Scholarship Fund
Languages and Literature
Writing & Rhetoric Studies
College of Humanities Scholarships for Diversity
Gifts to this fund provide scholarship support for first-generation college students and those from underrepresented backgrounds.
Latin American Studies Development Fund
Latin American Studies offers students the opportunity to deepen their understanding of this important region and strengthen their ability to interact as citizens, in private enterprise or government work.
Gordon B. Hinckley Fund for British Studies in the Department of English
The British Studies Program, made possible in large part by the Gordon B. Hinckley Endowment in British Studies, provides students with the opportunity to obtain a broadly-based, multi-faceted understanding of the culture and society of Great Britain and the former colonies of the British Empire.
International Studies Development Fund
This program was created to prepare students to live and work in the increasingly global world. The degree grounds students in different disciplines (such as communication, economics, history, political science, foreign language.) and permits them to explore the international scope of these disciplines.
Friends of the Environmental Humanities Graduate Program
This is the nation's leading environmental humanities program. Our students' work addresses our most pressing environmental issues throughout the study of culture, creative expression, ethics, history and language.
Asia Center
The Asia Center, a Title VI National Resource Center for Asian and Pacific Studies, serves as a hub for Asia-related activities at the University of Utah involving teaching, research and community outreach. Under the auspices of the Intermountain Consortium for Asian and Pacific Studies (IMCAPS), it collaborates with the Brigham Young University Asian Studies Program to promote education and research on Asia.
Taft-Nicholson Center for Environmental Humanities Education
The Taft-Nicholson Center focuses the unique lens of the humanities to enliven and deepen environmental study, enhancing and expanding education for the protection of wildlife and wild lands. The Center, located in Centennial Valley, Montana provides innovative educational experiences that dynamically initiate visitors of all ages into the ecology, history, wildlife, and conservation value of the Centennial Valley.
Jewish Studies
The cross-cultural Jewish Studies program employs a multi-disciplinary approach to exploring Jewish culture, tradition, belief and ritual. Through the study of History, Literature, Religious Studies, Ethnic Studies ad Political Science, students come to a deeper understanding of Judaism and its relationship to other major world faiths. In the process, they acquire a deeper understanding of their own religious, spiritual and cultural identity.
Robert K. Avery Endowed Scholarship Fund in the Department of Communication
An endowed scholarship established in honor of Professor Robert K. Avery, which will support deserving students in the Department of Communication.
Middle East Center
Established in 1960, the Center has administered degree programs at all levels (B.A., M.A., and Ph.D.) and offers, both to students and to the larger community, a variety of opportunities for the advancement of understanding of the Middle East. Such opportunities have included conferences, lecture series, workshops, continuing education courses, and outreach activities.