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Academic Units>>College of Social Work

College of Social Work
College of Social Work Scholarship Fund
Ongoing scholarship support for our bachelor's, master's, and doctoral students is priority for the College.
College of Social Work Development Fund
Gifts to this unrestricted fund support the greatest needs of the College, including educational events, research efforts, service projects, and general operational costs.
Katie L. Dixon Leadership Endowed Fund in the College of Social Work
This fund supports women and girls leadership activities, such as the Dixon Girls Forums offered in elementary, middle, and high schools across the valley.
Belle S. Spafford Endowed Chair in the College of Social Work
This fund was established in honor of Belle S. Spafford, who achieved international recognition as the general president of the Relief Society of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints from 1945 to 1974. The purpose of the fund is, "to further research and education devoted to serving families, individuals and the social community."
Goodwill Initiatives on Aging
Students involved in Initiatives on Aging learn practice, policy, and research skills that improve the quality of life for older adults and their families. Through the Initiatives on Aging, our Neighbors Helping Neighbors program provides service learning to undergraduate and graduate students in social work.
College of Social Work Goodwill Addition
The Wilford W. and Dorothy P. Goodwill Humanitarian Building houses a community meeting room, clinical training suites, and a technology-enhanced wireless classroom.
College of Social Work Building Renovation Fund
Support for routine updates of the original 1970 social work building help keep the facility up to date.
College of Social Work Faculty-sponsored Student Award Fund
College of Social Work Faculty support awards for graduating students.
Pete Suazo Social Justice Scholarship and Award Fund in Social Work
Senator Pete Suazo was a ceaseless advocate for civil rights and social justice. This fund supports College of Social Work students who continue his legacy through their own contributions to our community.
Edward Yukio and Chieko Okazaki Fund in the College of Social Work: Honoring Community Service
Edward and Chieko Okazaki consistently and steadfastly demonstrated their commitment to serving their community. This fund will support efforts that honor their many contributions and reflect their dedication to issues related to aging and education.
E. Daniel and Margie Egbert Edwards American Indian Scholarship in the College of Social Work
In their decades of work at the College of Social Work, Dan and Marge Edwards dramatically improved educational opportunities for American Indians in Utah and across the country. This endowed scholarship ensures the continuation of their remarkable legacy.
Center for Research on Migration and Refugee Integration
Support CRMRI's efforts to provide funding to conduct research with refugee and immigrant communities, as well as to provide scholarship support to first generation college students of refugee and immigrant backgrounds.