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Moran Eye Center
Moran Eye Center General Research
Our mission is to ensure that no person with a blinding condition, eye disease, or visual impairment should be without hope, understanding, and treatment. Your gift to Moran research makes a very real impact on our efforts to discover new treatments for eye diseases and visual impairments. As a nonprofit, we depend on private gifts, particularly in these times of limited state and federal funding.
Moran Sharon Eccles Steele Center for Translational Medicine (SCTM)
The Moran Eye Center is leading eye research in areas including genetics, drug delivery, imaging, and nutrition. We are gaining radical new insights into old enemies like age-related macular degeneration, a disease without a cure. The SCTM is poised to transform these breakthroughs into real medicines at unprecedented speed with your support.
Moran Local and International Outreach
Help us provide care for low-income, uninsured Utahns with vision problems. Moran partners with local clinics to provide free or low-cost care and surgeries. We also provide free pediatric and adult care on the Utah strip of the Navajo Nation, an isolated community with an extremely high rate of vision impairment. In developing countries around the world, our doctors perform sight-restoring cataract surgeries and train physicians and nurses.