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Public Broadcasting>>KUER 90.1 Public Radio

KUER 90.1 Public Radio
KUER General Fund
KUER is intensely committed to building community and to helping our community connect with the world through story and art, discussion and debate, sound and creativity. Our work is driven by our Public Service Mission: KUER enriches the lives of its audience with a signature blend of news, information and entertainment in an unbiased, non-commercial context and creates an ongoing source of service and support to community organizations.
KUER National Public Radio (NPR)
Help KUER 90.1 public radio provide Utah with a window on the world. Program partners NPR and BBC cover the globe with multi-perspective news reports that inform and engage listeners. Inspire the next generation of journalists and global citizens with your support today.
KUER News and Information
Help create a more informed citizenry in our state by supporting KUER 90.1 public radio. Invest in local, national and international news programming featuring reports from KUER's award-winning news team along with BBC and NPR (National Public Radio).
KUER RadioWest
Support civic dialogue and a vibrant community forum for exploring the news and events of the day with KUER's local call-in program RadioWest. Daily conversations explore culture, politics and current events under the award-winning guidance of Doug Fabrizio. RadioWest serves a growing audience, regionally via 90.1 and and nationally on XM satellite radio.
KUER News and Information Internships and Scholarships
Inspire the next generation of journalists and global citizens with your support today. KUER 90.1 public radio trains student reporters in the field with hands-on journalism training using the latest technological platforms.
KUER Music: Classical
Help preserve music as an art form with classical music programming on KUER's K3 channel. KUER's 24/7 classical music stream on HD radio and features classical music genres from throughout the world.
KUER Community Service
Join KUER and its corporate and foundation partners in delivering public service to our vibrant non-profit community. This year over 1,000 organizations will benefit from having their missions, programs, and needs promoted to 150,000 civically active statewide listeners.