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Sustainability Office
Office of Sustainability General Fund
Give to the University of Utah Sustainability Office, which coordinates sustainability education, research, and initiatives, while serving as a hub for campus engagement, communication, inclusion, and action. The Office enhances educational opportunities, supports student ideas, and promotes best practices to create a culture of sustainable behavior on campus.
Campus Clean Energy Initiatives
Assist the University of Utah in becoming a leader in a clean-energy future and achieving its mission of carbon neutral by the year 2050. Money donated to this fund will sponsor solar and other forms of renewable energy and will help upgrade existing buildings to be more efficient. Energy-cost savings from these changes will go back into other energy initiatives, making this a unique giving opportunity that grows over time.
Craig B. Forster Legacy Fund in Sustainability
Give to the Craig B. Forster Legacy Fund in Sustainability, which supports student learning and engagement by funding travel to sustainability-themed conferences, registration fees for workshops and courses, writing stipends, and more. Dr. Forster was the first director of the University's Sustainability Office and a passionate and well-loved professor who specialized in hydrogeology
Active Transportation at the University of Utah
Support active transportation efforts, such as walking and bicycling, at the University of Utah. Active transportation is a healthy and sustainable alternative to driving that improves air quality for everyone in the valley. Money will go toward supporting educational programs, engagement initiatives, and infrastructure improvements like pathways, bikeshare, and more bicycle parking.
University of Utah Farmers Market
Support the University of Utah Farmers Market. The market links local growers and artisans with the campus community and provides access to fresh, healthy, and local produce and pre-packaged foods, as well as unique arts and gifts. Since 2008, the on-campus market welcomes more than 30 vendors to the University for seven weeks every fall semester.
Recycling and Composting at the University of Utah
Support sustainable waste management at the U. Fund efforts that reduce the campus community's impact on landfills and resource extraction through collection of paper, plastic, aluminum, and other materials, as well as campus education. Additionally, the University hopes to expand into composting to further reduce the waste it sends to Utah???s fast-filling landfills.
Student Edible Campus Gardening Programs
Give to the University's organic gardening efforts. The Edible Campus Gardens, started in 1996, provide unique outdoor laboratories for students to learn about growing food in Utah and act as a showcase for the beauty and diversity of edible landscaping in an urban setting. The gardens provide a place for research, education, and volunteer opportunities, as well as a place to meet with other students and form interdisciplinary connections.
Sustainability Teaching Resources
Aid faculty and graduate students in integrating both theoretical and practical elements of sustainability into courses across campus. Funding will support faculty workshops, curriculum development, and educational research to ensure that our students can demonstrate the knowledge, as well as practical and thinking skills, to engage in the integrated pursuit of social equity, ecological integrity, and economic security.
Water Conservation at the University of Utah
Boost the University of Utah's goal to minimize its water use both outdoors and indoors. Utah is among the driest states in the country. In response, the University is pursuing water-wise landscaping and more efficient water delivery systems and fixtures to slow the flow and to reduce its overall use.
Sustainability-Based Graduate Fellowships
Support the Global Change and Sustainability Center (GCSC) and Environmental Humanities (EH) Graduate Fellowship Programs, which recruit and support outstanding and diverse students to the University of Utah who are interested in interdisciplinary environment and sustainability research and training that prepares them to be leaders in solving challenges facing society.
Red Butte Creek Restoration
Help us transform the campus section of Red Butte Creek from a neglected, degraded stream to a beautiful, thriving riparian environment that is a showcase for cutting-edge interdisciplinary research and education. Funding will be used to support needed design and construction, as well as personnel and research costs, so that faculty and students can move forward to revitalize this space and create opportunities to make the creek a centerpiece for place-based learning.
Student Sustainability Projects
Support the creativity and ingenuity of the more than 30,000 students at the University by funding student-led sustainability projects. Donations will be directed toward the Sustainable Campus Initiative Fund, which awards grants for diverse, sustainable projects that combine operations and academics and have a lasting impact on the campus and community.