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University Neighborhood Partners
University Neighborhood Partners General Support
Donations to UNP for general support will be utilized for the organization's most pressing, current financial needs.
University Neighborhood Partners Education Pathways
UNP's Education Pathways partnerships create equitable family-school partnerships focused on school improvement and student growth; Provide parents with increased capacity to advocate for themselves, their families, and their communities; Foster school cultures that are welcoming to families, support family and youth cultures, and promote pathways to higher education; and Encourage young people to take on leadership roles in effectively defining and addressing personal trajectories and community
UNP Community Leadership Partnerships
UNP's Community Leadership partnerships: Provide residents with opportunities to strengthen and practice leadership skills; Enhance resident capacity to organize others around community-identified issues; and Connect residents with decision-making positions through which they can begin to change the systems that effect their lives. Featured partnership initiatives include the Westside Leadership Institute, Startup Incubator, Neighorhood Democracy, West View Media, and more.
UNP Community Capacity & Wellbeing Partnerships
UNP's Capacity & Wellbeing partnerships: Connect individuals and families with their local community, community organizations, and the larger systems that affect their lives;Engage residents and community groups in expanding their capacity to implement research, teaching, and other practices in partnership with, and informed by, the communities in which they work; and ensure that individual and family residents have the resources, access, information, and opportunities needed for education.
University Neighborhood Partners Wolf/Meritus Scholarship Fund
Between five and eight $2,000 to $3,000 scholarships are awarded annually to students from Salt Lake City west side neighborhoods. Preference is given to applicants who are first-generation college students and who show strong potential. A majority of previous recipients have come from refugee and immigrant backgrounds.