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Baseball is actively working towards having an on-campus stadium! Funds are needed update our current equipment such as pitching machines and cages. We are also hopeful to travel internationally, which would include both playing baseball and completing service projects needed in foreign communities.
Men's Basketball
Men's Basketball is settled in the new Jon M. and Karen Huntsman Basketball Center. This facility will help our basketball team and help attract recruits for future teams. Please help us continue to enhance the new basketball facility and show our recruits that we have the best resources and support in the country.
Football is looking to continue their climb to the to the top of the Pac-12 Conference. We are looking to continue with facility upgrades, as well upgrades to our equipment. These will benefit the health of our student-athletes, as well as improve our ability to attract top recruits to Utah.
Women's Basketball
Utah Women's Basketball is making great strides in gaining exposure on a national scale. In the 2016-2017 season, the Utes received votes for the AP TOP25 Poll 3 times, made the post season for the 2nd consecutive year, and tied the school record for consecutive wins by posting an 11-0 record to start the season. The Utes are still in need of funding for their upcoming Italy tour in August where they will play professional teams and gain valuable experiences exploring new cultures.
The Golf Program has grown into a top 50 program nationally and is continuing to climb the ranks. The new indoor facility on Guardsman Way has been built and is almost finished. We are currently fundraising to finish off the indoor facility, to grow our team travel budget, to enhance our winter practice trips, and to continue our relationship with the Country Club of Salt Lake.
When the Dumke Gymnastics Center opened in 1999, Utah had the premier gymnastics training facility in the country. The once state-of-the-art facility helped Utah Gymnastics break barriers for women in sports for over 20 years. The world has now caught up and needed improvements aren't extravagant, they are essential. They are core to our mission of attracting world class athletes to our program. We need your help to expand and upgrade the Dumke Center and ensure the future of Utah Gymnastics.
The mission of our program is to COMPETE EVERY DAY WITH EXCELLENCE; in life, in the classroom, on the field and in the community. The pillars of our program are: Humility, Honesty, Passion, Gratitude, and Trust. They provide the foundation which will help us towards our goal of being the most successful, productive and innovative program in college lacrosse, both on and off the field. Our program builds people who embody the pillars to accomplish our goal of winning a national championship.
Ski Team
Support the University of Utah Ski Team and help us win a 15th National Championship. We are continuously improving our program and are fundraising for a roller ski treadmill, a new wax trailer, a monument to honor the history of the ski program, and ski racing equipment for our student-athletes.
We have moved into a new facility, Ute Field, this year. We will be needing amenities to help complete the facility, including more seating. Our locker room needs to be remodeled and expanded. We will also be going to China this summer to represent the U and the PAC-12 against top Chinese teams and are in need for support for that event. Your support is greatly appreciated.
Softball recently built a beautiful Utah Softball Stadium to call our home field. This facility was to be completed in three phases, with phase one and two being completed in 2014. Phase three includes concessions, a ticket booth, a press box and a team room. With the demands of Pac-12 competition, it is imperative we complete this phase as soon as possible. Your support to complete the stadium is much appreciated!
Swimming and Diving
The Women's and Men's Swimming and Diving Team needs some updates to its 50 year old facility. These will directly benefit our student-athletes, provide some much needed team space for our 70 athletes, and improve our ability to attract the brightest and best recruits to Utah. This team space will include a study area as well as individual lockers for each athlete. There are locker naming opportunities for $2,500.00. GO UTES!
Men's Tennis
Our tennis program is fortunate to have the state-of-the art facility that we have. We are committed to making the student-athlete experience the best in the country. In order to continue to enhance the student-athlete experience at Utah, we need to upgrade our locker room, install outdoor lighting to allow for later games, and recognize former student-athletes with permanent banners.
Women's Tennis
Our Men's and Women's outdoor tennis facility has become a reality. We will need to upgrade our locker room, replacing our old metal lockers with new larger wooden lockers. We also need to keep our travel and recruiting budgets competitive on a national level.
Track and Field/Cross Country
To facilitate our goals for Track and Field/Cross Country, we must continue to upgrade our facilities and provide our team a home. During the indoor season, student-athletes are practicing at three different shared facilities. A building to house indoor field events would greatly help this issue. Outdoors the team is in need of a new long throws cage that meets NCAA standards. A permanent restroom solution and bleachers would also allow for hosting more events.
Volleyball/Beach Volleyball
The volleyball program went on an international trip this summer in which the team went 5-1 against international teams, & our 2017 freshman class was just ranked #11 in the country. Moving forward, Crimson Court is in need of a remodel. First, we need to remove the 23-year-old bleachers to create a 3 court training facility vs only 2 courts. Secondly, we would like to update Crimson Court wall branding to more closely match the basketball and gymnastics practice facilities.