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Political Science
scholarships Political Science Development Fund
Your donation builds our financial strength by providing support for our ongoing mission of excellence and for our future. You helping the Political Science Department fulfill its commitment to make a world of difference to the University of Utah community. In an era where learning is the key to success in virtually every endeavor, there is no gift more precious than the opportunity to continue one's education.
scholarships Elbert D. Thomas Award in the Department of Political Science
Prior to his service in the U.S. Senate, Elbert Thomas was a professor of history and political science at the University of Utah, from 1913 to 1932. The Elbert Thomas award is given to the most outstanding student in the Political Science Department who not only demonstrates high standards of scholarship, but who also displays an outstanding record of involvement in public affairs and community service.
scholarships Marion V. and F. Arthur Boyd Scholarship in Political Science
Distinguished Political Science Alumni, John A. Boyd, established this scholarship to honor the dedication of his parents in providing a college education for their son, despite great economic hardship. The scholarship is awarded to students who have a demonstrated record of academic excellence and financial need.
scholarships Bob Bennett Endowed Chair in American Politics, Public Service, and Student Engagement
scholarships J. Ralph Brown Memorial Scholarship in the Department of Political Science
Initiated in 1991 to honor the commitment to the civic involvement and lifelong career of service of J. Ralph Brown (BS 1935), this scholarship is awarded to worthy graduate or undergraduate students in order to provide financial assistance.
scholarships J. D. Williams Scholarship Fund in Political Science
Professor Emeritus J.D. Williams was an honored faculty member of the Political Science Department at the University of Utah from 1952 until his retirement in 1992. The scholarship is awarded to students who have a demonstrated record of academic excellence and financial need.
scholarships Todd Mitchell Memorial Scholarship in Political Science
In honor of the achievements of a University of Utah graduate student in political science, Todd Mitchell (BA 1985), this award was initiated to support an outstanding graduate student whose goal is to become a professor in the field of political science.