» WRNA End User Training - 2021

WRNA End User Training - 2021

Price: 1000.00


The Utah Criminal Justice Center is pleased to offer a 5-week, 24-hour virtual training course to certify trainees as end-users for the Women’s Risk Needs Assessment (WRNA). The course includes 5 modules: (1) Evidence-Based Practices; (2) Gender-Responsive Strategies; (3) Interviewing Skills; (4) WRNA Scoring; and (5) Case Planning. Modules are delivered both online using a Learning Management System (LMS), Canvas, as well as through synchronous, live Zoom sessions.

Trainees are required to sign a license agreement prior to beginning training. They must also have the technological capabilities to engage with the LMS and Zoom sessions (i.e., Internet access, updated Google Chrome or Firefox browser, Zoom software application) and be able to upload a video-recording practicing the WRNA interview (i.e., laptop camera and microphone). For a more detailed description of technology requirements for the LMS, please click here.

WRNA certification requires demonstration of a successful WRNA practice interview via video-recording. The UCJC reserves the right to refuse certification of any trainee for lack of engagement or underperformance on the certification video.

Becoming a certified WRNA end-user qualifies trainees to assess clients using the WRNA internally within the current agency of employment. It does not permit certified end-users to assess clients outside their current agency of employment, nor to train the instrument to any additional end-users, internally or externally to their agency.