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QuaranTalks with Teasley

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To Defund or Notto Defund:
A Critical Race Perspective
Wednesday, June 2 I 3:30 pm-5:00 pm
Online via Zoom
Dean Martell Teasley will provide a rimely review of the history of policing in
America through a Critical Race Theory lens. Tracing links between economic
influences, the desire for 'safe communities: and different models of policing, Dean
Teasley will share an argument for greater community and school supports to aeate a
safer and less violent fututt for all.
Please register in advance for this free event: httM:/Jbit.ly/quarantalkS2020
l.S NASW CE Us (antic
J)<ted) available upon successful completion of a short quiz
Please direct questions to Paige: paiqe.bolinqbroke@utah.edu u
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