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Academic Units>>School of Medicine>>Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
scholarships Academic
The Division of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at the University Of Utah School Of Medicine is committed to training the next generation of physicians in rehabilitation medicine through a 4-year Residency and 1-year Sports Medicine Fellowship program.
scholarships Clinical
The Division of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and University Rehabilitation Center's focus is to preserve, enhance & restore the quality of life for people with disabling conditions. Patients served, have diverse medical rehabilitation needs in the following disciplines. 1.) Neurological conditions including spinal cord trauma, stroke, brain injury, neuromuscular disorders, and neuropathies, etc., and 2.) Musculoskeletal injuries of the spine and/or extremities.
scholarships Research
The Division of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation is dedicated to expand and improve research in the field of Rehabilitation Medicine. Many of our studies are collaborative and in conjunction with other specialty departments within University Health Sciences (School of Medicine, College of Health, Huntsman Cancer Institute, Orthopaedics). Research areas of interest have focused on spasticity management, snow skiing and mountain bike injuries, and blood doping in conjunction with the UUSOC.